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17/06/16  An evening of Sudanese literature and a reminder of the importance of cultural exchange

31/03/16  Ibis of Palmyra, a poem

26/03/16  “If you fear high-handedness from your wives… hit them” (Qur’an 4:34): Right-wing extremism in Islam and the voices it silences

01/03/16  Rodents in children’s literature: The power of the ‘undermouse’

23/02/16  In Conversation with Thomas More: Escaping the labyrinth of theology

09/02/16  LGBT Rights Today: Socrates, Dumbledore, and the nonsense that began in 539BC

08/02/16  “I WANT EDGE”: Observations from inside the ITV newsroom

06/01/16  Donna Tartt’s The Secret History: Staggeringly Underrated, Utterly Timeless, and Ubiquitously Sublime

19/12/15  Bread and Circuses: Reinventing Populares in the Wilderness of Westminster Politics

14/11/15  Je Suis Parisienne: Today, we all are, but barring refugees and waging impossible wars is not the answer

03/10/15  Treasures of the British Library: Falling in Love with the Ritblat Gallery

17/08/15  Mockingbirds and Watchmen: And so Scout Finch to the Dark Tower came

13/08/15  The Corbyn Crusade: He’s not Mick Jagger, but he’s ignited hope, and that may just be enough

10/08/15  Is Prostitution a Human Right? Amnesty International Seems to Think So

28/06/15  Book Review: The Philosophical Debate Triggered by One Wolf’s Trials in the World of Humanity

23/06/15  The Most Mature Lens Through Which to Look at the World: The Winter’s Tale Analysed

22/06/15  Book Review: A Narrow Road if Ever There Was One

22/06/15  Book Review: A Man Agrees with God as a Raindrop with the Storm

21/05/15  Please Take My Gay Blood: Sign the Petition Now

07/05/15  Game of Seats: UK General Election 2015

09/03/15  The Woman Behind the Selma March and Why We Must Continue Her Fight

08/03/15  International Women’s Day: The Long Road to the Universal Right to Choose

07/03/15  US Presidential Debates vs UK General Election Debates: When Acting Drives Democracy

01/02/15  Homer vs The Bible: The Evolving Representations of Reality Throughout Western Literature

10/12/14  The Pied Beauty of Hopkins’ Poetry: Fusing Freckled Fragments

30/11/14  Brushstrokes and Broken Dreams: Rembrandt’s Late Works

30/08/14  A Tangle of Thorns: Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’ Analysed

29/08/14  Travel Journal: A Month of Exploring and Volunteering in Vietnam

13/08/14  “The rarer action is in virtue”: Israel and Palestine’s Only Chance at Peace

01/08/14  “The Undiscovered Country”: Hamlet Analysed

15/07/14  “What did you expect? Time passes”: One Hundred Years of Solitude Analysed

28/06/14  Fatalism and Futility: Hemingway’s ‘A Farewell to Arms’ Analysed

11/06/14  A Revolution in British Politics: Fragmentation and Frustration

31/05/14  Nuclear Programmes and New Presidents: Iran Explained

20/05/14  Travel Journal: Forbidden Cities, Buried Armies and Great Walls: China in Eight Days

12/04/14  The Forgotten Tragedies of Vietnam and Cambodia: Jon Swain’s River of Time Reviewed

11/04/14  Gay Rights and Western Immorality: No One Should Be Judged by Who They Love

16/03/14  A Flight MH370 Conspiracy: Could This Be Worse Than 9/11?

15/03/14  Downton Abbey, Churchill, and Red Telephone Boxes: British Culture in the Heart of Modern China

31/01/14  “Let us do or die”: Scottish Independence, Yea or Nay, Aye or Naw?

13/12/13  A Story that Must be Heard: the Man who was Sentenced to Death for Writing a Poem

08/12/13  Madiba: A Century of Courage

12/10/13  Earn or Learn: David Cameron’s Benefit Reforms

18/09/13  If You Can Give Reasons For Your Actions, Does That Mean That Your Actions Are Rational?

01/09/13  Why Do We Need Banks?

01/09/13  Is the General Understanding of Science Damaged by the Way it is Presented in the Media?

21/08/13  Exploring Plato’s Republic

18/08/13  Why Egypt Has Become A Bloodbath: From Ptolemy To Mubarak And Back Again

17/08/13  Preaching Friedman: Economic Freedom vs Political Freedom

13/08/13  What Is The Solution To The Middle East Crisis?

04/07/13  How Far Is Too Far: Pranks And Suicides

30/06/13  The Origins Of Stonehenge: Magic And Mystery

29/06/13  In 150 Words: Masada

28/06/13  In 150 Words: The 2008 Global Financial Crisis

20/06/13  Bernie Madoff And The Best Ponzi Scheme Of All Time

30/05/13  Follow Us On Twitter

30/05/13  How To Publish Your Book: The Power Of Imagination

29/05/13  Assad The Grim Reaper: What’s Really Going on In Syria?

28/05/13  The Cold War: Was It All About Ideology?

27/05/13  To All Those Sitting Exams . . .

26/05/13  Should Bayern Have Won The Champions League?

25/05/13  Why The USA Lost The Vietnam War

14/04/13  How JFK Almost Destroyed The Planet: The Cuban Missile Crisis

11/04/13  The Passing Of A Legend: Thatcher And Her Legacy

13/03/13  Bergoglio Takes The Gold: All Hail Pope Francis

05/03/13  Angels and Demons: Keith O’Brien, The Barmy Benedict, A Ghanaian Cardinal, And The Antipope

25/02/13  Did Gideon Cry When We Lost Our Triple A Rating?

23/02/13  Should The Blade Runner Have Been Given Bail? Cast Your Vote Today

17/02/13  Corruption And Economic Decimation: What’s Really Going On In Spain?

16/02/13  Leader Or Loser? Obama And His Second Term

15/02/13  Long Live The Horses!

14/02/13  The Blade Runner: Worldwide Hero Or Complete Psychopath?

13/02/13  The Pope, His Sins, And Why We Should Be Happy To See Him Go

13/02/13  Everyone Loves A Loan Shark!

13/02/13  Why A 100% Death Tax Would Be Utterly Stupid

12/02/13  Quotes from the Greats

11/02/13  The Heart-Wrenchingly Tragic Downfall Of The Mighty RBS

11/02/13  Why Did The Eurozone Ship Sink So Spectacularly And Can Its Crew Survive?

11/02/13  Can Governments Dare To Be Quixotic? Should They Bother?

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